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Romantic kiss pack

Romantic kiss pack

Just want have some time together? Give your soulmate a surprise for no reason? Or maybe there is a reason? This pack is for you! After an evening walk along the embankment, enjoying the romantic sound of waves and salty breeze, you will return to the romantic atmosphere that we have prepared especially for you! Cozy light of “Scented Candles”, sparkling wine, a fruit bowl.

This service is not available at Grace Forum and Grace Aqua Villa hotels. The cost of the service may vary depending on the hotels. Check with hotel websites or booking managers.

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  • In the hotels Imperial, Calypso, Olympia, Assara, Global, Arly, Cruise, Crystal White wine Alla Fashion Pinot Grigio (dry) 750 ml. or Red wine Cari Lentozzi Sangiovese (dry) 750 ml. to choose from; In hotels Nairi, Amalia, Hovhannes, California, Cypress White wine Chateau Taman Chardonnay (dry) 750 ml. or Red wine Chateau Taman Saperavi (dry) 750 ml. to choose from

  • Cheese plate 250 gr.